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Getting your goods across the Southern United States can be a bit challenging due to the limited water ports available to handle your container. Receiving international cargo at water ports in the Gulf of Mexico gives shippers an advantage but still requires strategic logistic solutions to get the container to its final destination.

That’s where POD Logistics comes into play with an advanced intermodal trucking network that not only covers the big cities of Texas but runs across the Mainland and Southern regions of the United States. Logistics managers can rest assured that their containers will be delivered on time and on budget without incurring added fees when sitting around shipping ports.
Our intermodal trucking company relies on a mix of trains trucks and ships to transport your cargo to its final destination. At each point of the way we handle your goods with the utmost care and diligence. The paperwork and seal number for a load is always tracked in real time allowing each logistics point to be identified. This helps truck haulers meet the container at a rail yard, keeping the goods moving efficiently. 

Most of our intermodal freight is no touch which means that our drivers will not have to interact with your cargo. Our OTR CDL truck drivers will pick up your load from the respective terminal and deliver to its next logistic point. The POD Logistics hauling team is made up of both local regional trucks to deliver your freight. Each of our responsible truck drivers captains one of our safely inspected tractor trailers that uses a chassis that is a safe host for your container. 

Efficiency In Supply Chain

One of the greatest challenges for intermodal transportation companies is to keep an efficient supply chain. The customer at the final destination awaits his or her goods and commerce is very dependent on stock. An efficient supply chain will keep local and international economies prosperous. That’s where POD Logistics steps in and takes the lead role in managing cargo across the Mid and Southern United States with our main headquarters in Texas and Missouri. Both domestic and international customers rely on us to convey sustainable solutions for delivering goods to their final point of delivery.


Intermodal Freight Cost Effectiveness


The cost of traditional freight will vary on weight and time of delivery. For a full container load or better known as FCL, shipping companies will calculate the dimensions to determine your cost for delivery. Quotes will often include gas and other surcharges but what cargo owners may not know that they may incur additional charges along the route. For example, when a driver is waiting around for inloading a container it may take longer than expected traditional shipping and additional fees may be tacked on. The intermodal shipping module will incorporate the perfect mix of hauling machines to keep a flat or in budget rate.

That’s what Pod Logistics strives to do it for its customers. We personalize a logistics plan for the freight that will bring significant shipping savings for your company. This is how we build trust with our customer base and have earned the respect of being the premier logistics partner for Amarillo, TX and Kansas City, MO.

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