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Keeping Your Freight Moving From Port To Finish 

Ever since its founding, Pod Logistics Inc. has earned the reputation of being the premier drayage carrier across the Mid and Southwest United States. With the increase in demand for container transportation our company has built a logistic network for drayage services. That means less time of your freight sitting around the port which might incur more expenses prior to the container reaching its destination. Our dispatch centers range across the South West area in Kansas City, MO., Amarillo, TX., and Dallas, TX. which gives a major logistics advantage to our customers who are shipping containers on trucks in this region.


Pod Logistics Inc. is committed to your freight as its own. Nothing will get in the way of getting your freight to the destination of choice both on time and on budget. No job is too big or too small and every container is treated as if it’s our own. We only choose to work with responsible freight handlers that meet our customers' demand. Logistics companies that move shipping containers tend to not give the proper focus even to the smaller customers. At Pod Logistics Inc. we are 100% committed to handle any job with the optimal care. 

Advanced Industry Solutions 

Pod Logistics Inc. investors have made it their business to invest in state-of-the-art drayage solutions that gives you and your staff the visibility to track container shipments. That means you know where the freight is and when it will arrive at its destination. With little down time high drayage costs are avoided and you as a freight owner appreciate that. Pod Logistics Inc. will never guarantee our drayage services unless we know for certain that the customers’ demands are met. This is true for one container to multiple containers being handled. Each gets the proper attention needed to deliver the goods on time. Pod Logistics Inc. and its operators are committed to provide you with the flexibility and capacity according to your demand. We are always here for you and take pride in building real relationships with real customers.


Answering The Freight Demand of 2020

2020 was most probably the most unprecedented year when it came to shipping containers across the globe. In the beginning of the year many of our customers had slowdowns in their volume as most of the shipments were sourced out of Asia. As we all know there was a total shutdown that stimulated a slowdown in shipping container transport. This impacted the supply side in the United States, leaving stores with many empty shelves on household essentials. Then as the year progressed the demand side in the US increased and as things began opening in Asia the supply side increased as well. That caused a huge increase in supply and containers began coming in at unprecedented rates at local shipping ports and rail yards. Pod Logistics Inc. was able to respond in an organized manner by ramping up capacity to meet customers’ demands. In conjunction with our established network of regional truck drivers we were able to deliver containers on time meeting the customers request. True, we learned a lot from 2020 but it’s good to know that Pod Logistics Inc. is always here to answer the call.

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